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Executive Board

Supriya Kapur, President

Owner and Designer of SUKA Jewelry Store. Supriya lives in Glen Rock, NJ with her husband, two children and two dogs. She is a certified gemologist and accredited jewelry professional from the Gemology Institute of America in NY.

Soo Kim, VP of Graphic Design 

Designer and Illustrator of Soosoostudios and Creator of Bitterbeans. Soo is a mixed media artist working with alcohol inks and using a heat gun to create “flow” across the page, creating compositions as they dry. She blends different colors, or adds touches of gold, strokes, and fine lines, to create a story. Her creative process is about being in the moment and letting go. She is inspired by trying to recapture that sense of play and carries the vision of feeling free in nature being open, honest, and free.

Kimberly Kafafian, Treasurer

Founder and CEO of Monarch Consulting HR, an HR Outsourcing company that specializes in supporting small businesses. Kimberly lives in Glen Rock with her husband, two sons, and their two Boston Terriers. 

Board of Directors

Leslie Kossar

Owner of The Gagasphere in Waldwick, NJ

Julie Finkel

Yoga Instuctor

John Rogovich

Owner of Volt Fitness

Jessica Bush

Owner of Tutor Doctor

Evan Quinn

Owner of Glen Rock Inn

Brian Crowe

Owner of Stone & Rail Restaurant & Bar

Xiomara Paredes

Architect & Owner of Paredes-Grube

Elena Davis

Glen Rock Resident

Casi Rodriquez & Jessie Fritzsch

Co-Owners of Colour & Wim

George Roskos & Alex Goldenthal

Co-Owners of Arkitekt Music

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